Double-Action Revolvers & Popular Gun Details

(And what it isn't)

We intend that this site be a place where a person interested in Colt firearms can find a general introduction to Colt guns.
It is not intended to be the "Be all-End all" repository of all Colt knowledge, and we are not the ultimate experts on all things Colt.

We will attempt to correct them as we can.
No one person knows everything about Colt firearms, and not even the Colt Firearms Company certainly knows everything.
Because we are not total experts on Colt firearms, you will find errors in the information here.

The information here is based on a lifetime of studying, owning, using, and professional gunsmithing of Colt firearms.
This contains much information about Colt's, but not everything.

You will find much Colt knowledge here, but for questions and to get deeper in the minutia of Colt's, you need a broader base of knowledge.

That base is the Colt Forum, where there are a number of genuine experts on various facets of Colt's, and where the intent of the forum is the advancement of knowledge of the fine details of Colt firearms.

On the Colt Forum, even experts learn a lot they "know" about Colt's is wrong.

Colt Firearms has been in business since the 1840s and has made many models of all types of firearms, with millions of guns made.

It simply isn't possible for us to cover everything, and we simply aren't experts on ALL Colt firearms.

For that reason, mostly what we cover at this time are Colt double-action revolvers from 1889.

Some we give minimal information on because they are minor variations of other models, some more popular guns that have much more interest we cover in greater depth.

As is always the case with Colt, just when you think you're sure about some data, you learn there's more you don't know. For that reason, never say "Never" about Colts.
Another fact is that exactly when Colt made changes to models or even grips can be very uncertain. In many cases, the dates listed here are only best guesses.

So, this is a general introduction to a vast subject.